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Easy, Secure, and Free file sharing for everyone.

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The purpose of this project is to enable everyone to be able to share files privately in real time, without the use of the major tech companies and cloud providers. Use RiftShare to send files to your friends and family, or even between computers at your house. It is shocking how over the years, sharing files is still more complicated than it needs to be. Look no further. No accounts, sign-ups, or tracking, just a simple human-readable passphrase.

Table of contents
  1. Installation & Compatibility
  2. Features
  3. Common Use Cases
  4. How to Use
    1. Sending Files
    2. Receiving Files
  5. Attributions
  6. License
  7. Privacy Policy
  8. FAQ
  9. Contributing
  10. Issues

Installation & Compatibility

UPDATE 12/27/21: RiftShare now provides code signed and notarized MacOS releases, 
if there is enough demand I will code sign the Windows release as well to get through
the security warning.

UPDATE 01/04/22: RiftShare is now available on the Mac and Windows App stores
for easy and seamless install. Builds are still available from GitHub below.

UPDATE 04/20/22: RiftShare is now available on FlatHub for Linux! 

Download the latest release for your operating system.

Riftshare is compatible with the following operating systems:


  • Easy secure (fully encrypted) file sharing between computers both in the local network and through the internet
  • Supports sending files or directories securely through the magic wormhole protocol. For more information on how the protocol works in depth look at this deck.
  • Compatible with all other apps using magic wormhole (magic-wormhole or wormhole-william CLI, wormhole-gui, etc.)
  • Automatic zipping of multiple selected files to send at once
  • Full animations and progress bar for sending and receiving
  • Native OS File Selection
  • Open files in one click once received
  • Auto Update - don’t worry about having the latest release!

Common Use Cases

These are the reasons primarily why I built this app.

  • You may have a laptop and a desktop on different OSes that you need to transfer files between. No need to mess with NFS or SMB shares.
  • You may have family members that you want to share files with locally
  • You may have family or friends that are remote that you want to share files with safely across the internet (eg. sensitive information)
  • You may be a system administrator and need to transfer files to a linux server in the cloud without messing with scp or sftp (the magic wormhole CLI is built into most linux distros)

How to Use

View the following anitmated gifs on how to send and receive files. In essence - you select a file and click send, a code will be generated. Put that code into the receiving end and hit download. As simple as that.

Sending Files


Receiving Files



This project was inspired by wormhole-gui.

Built leveraging the following Go Modules:

Frontend UI Built Using:


RiftShare is Licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0. RiftShare is provided as free (as in libre) software and is fully open source.

Privacy Policy

RiftShare does not collect or store any personal information. Read more here.


Please view the FAQ Page.


Contributions will be welcome. I am working on contributing guidelines.


Please file an issue on the Github repository - here.