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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I’m having trouble with the Auto Update function

A: As of Version 0.0.8 - all MacOS packages are code signed and notarized, auto update will not work. Please make sure you have at least v0.1.0 installed.

UPDATE 01/04/22: RiftShare is now available on the Mac App Store.

Suported OSes

Q: When will Linux be supported?

A: RiftShare uses the Wails framework. Wails should support Linux by January 2022, so at that time I will evaluate distributing the app for Linux.

UPDATE 04/20/22: Linux version is now available on FlatHub

Q: Why am I getting security warnings on Windows?

A: The security warning is because the code has not been signed on the Windows version. If there is enough demand, I will purchase a signing certificate to remove the warning. For now though there is nothing to worry about.

UPDATE 01/05/22: I have uploaded RiftShare to the Microsoft Windows Store. If you want a secure, signed version off the app, please use the store.


Q: What’s in it for you? Why spend your time on this project? How do you make money?

A: I currently do not make any money from this project. All costs have been covered by me thus far and I am not asking for anything in return. My motivation was purely to give people a way to transfer files securely and easily. Since this will cost me about $150 per year to support in hosting / developer certificate costs (Not including my time), I will soon open up donations for those who are interested. Additionally, I will add contributing guidelines for those who want to help out on the GitHub repo.